New FireboxV Micro Launched

WatchGuard Online are pleased to announce the launch of the a new flavour of WatchGuard's popular virtual firewall series with the addition of the FireboxV Micro

Evaluate your Endpoint Security

Explore WatchGuard's new Endpoint Risk Assessment tool allowing you to test your endpoint security and discover whether it is delivering what you need! Click here or call us for more information today.

Hackers Don't Break In - They Log In

WatchGuard Authpoint Total Identity Security goes beyond multi-factor authentication, incorporating a Dark Web Monitor and Corporate Password Manager in one convenient, cost saving bundle.

WatchGuard Gold Partner

WatchGuard Online is brought to you by WatchGuard Gold Partner NetThreat Ltd, who for 20 years have been one of the leading security resellers in the UK. We are a traditional security reseller providing a range of management and support services, but we also operate online giving us a unique ability to match service and support with competitive pricing.

We are a multi-time winner of the WatchGuard Partner of the Year and WatchGuard Sales Person of the Year awards and we take pride in our extensive WatchGuard product knowledge. In our many years of experience we have provided WatchGuard products for a wide range of companies with different setups. We are always happy to help find the right WatchGuard security solution for your network, no matter how complex.

Network Security

WatchGuard provide a whole host of network security products to ensure businesses and networks of all sizes are fullly protected. The WatchGuard Firebox range of appliances are well known in the industry, with their recognisable bright red colour and an easy-to-deploy and easy-to-manage solution. 

Whether it's a wired or wireless UTM firewall, multi factor authentication, secure Wi-Fi or intelligence products and services - WatchGuard have a security solution for all scenarios.

WatchGuard's mission is to provide the tools and resources that make management simple, whilst still delivering the level of security an organisation requires. Everything WatchGuard does starts with providing the smartest security in the simplest way.