3 Ways to Protect Your Data When Using Public Wi-Fi


With the holiday season coming up you may be visiting more public places such as airports, cafes and hotels, and increasing your need to access public Wi-Fi.

WatchGuard have given 3 top tips on the ways you can protect your data whilst on the move... 

1. It's not normal for a legitimate businesses to have multiple variations of public Wi-Fi SSIDs available. Make sure you check with staff on their Wi-Fi network name and ask them for the password.

2. If you're doing something confidential on your device, avoid exposing your private data over an unsecured connection - disable Wi-Fi and use your 4G connection instead.

3. Clear any saved Wi-Fi network names from your device(s) and disable the auto-connect feature to ensure your device doesn't connect to an unsafe environment that you might've visited without knowing.

Read more and watch some interesting videos on this subject on the WatchGuard Secplicity blog here.

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