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Employers recognise the benefits to productivity and employee morale but working outside the traditional office environment is becoming a headache for those responsible for IT and data security. Today's flexible workforce requires an affordable, intelligent and reliable technology solution that provides the same 'on-network' level of protection.


DNSWatchGO from WatchGuard





The cloud based solution stops endpoints from talking to malicious infrastructures.  When a connection to a bad domain is attempted the connection is blocked and the malicious traffic is then rerouted to DNSWatch servers for investigation.  DNSWatchGO is also the first security service to provide phishing protection and education wherever your users go.  WatchGuard DNSWatchGO provides user friendly DNS-Level protection and content filtering and integrated security awareness training to keep your users and data safe outside of your secure network perimeter. 

This latest addition to WatchGuard's portfolio provides a market changing solution to the security challenges faced by all business with employees who need to or choose to work remotely.


WatchGuard Passport

WatchGuard Passport is a bundled offering of user-focused security services that includes DNSWatchGO and AuthPoint.  Sold as a single per-user license, each service provides persistent, always-on protection that travels with the user and delivers the same level of security on- and off-network.

Protection for the future - as WatchGuard continues to evaluate the best way to provide complete security protection, additional services, including host ransomware prevention, endpoint detection and response, and anti-malware sandboxing, will be added to Passport.  Any new services will be automatically added to your Passport bundle.  


WatchGuard DNSWatchGO and WatchGuard Passport are available now, call us on 0845 270 7744 or find out more here:

WatchGuard DNSWatchGO

WatchGuard Passport

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