WatchGuard Security Predictions 2020


Even though next year's attacks will be more intense, sophisticated and difficult to manage, Watchguard's approach will be one of simplified inclusive management. 



Already a billion-pound industry, 2020 will see activity increasingly focused on the cloud - an area currently neglected in terms of security.


Increase in skills gap

Given the frequency and severity of cyber-attacks, it's unsurprising that demand for skilled security professionals has never been greater.  WatchGuard predict a 15% skills gap increase, potentially leading to more successful attacks.


25% of breaches will happen outside the perimeter

A recent survey co-hosted by WatchGuard found 90% of medium-sized businesses have employees working half their week outside the office.   WatchGuard intelligence predicts breaches involving mobile devices and off-site assets will account for 25% of all cyber attacks.


5G/Wi-Fi vulnerabilities exploited

Security researchers predict 5G to Wi-Fi security vulnerabilities will be exposed that could allow attackers to access data on 5G mobile phones.


Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) becomes the norm

MFA solutions are now simpler, more cost-effective and easier to manage.  MFA will become de facto standard across medium size businesses.             


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