NEW WatchGuard Solutions from NetThreat

Here at NetThreat we are pleased to announce our very own WatchGuard Solutions.

With highly experienced engineers we are able to offer you a service that will ensure you stay ahead of threats and keep your protection maintained.

Our Solution Packs include: 

  • HealthCheck - We check the configuration of your firewall and provide advice on suitable changes 
  • Secure Upgrade Deployment Service - Ensuring correct set up and configuration of your new upgraded WatchGuard appliance

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WatchGuard Solutions

Complete Network Security

Gartner define UTM as "a converged platform of point security products, particularly suited to small and midsize businesses"

The WatchGuard Firebox solution delivers UTM and much more, including one of the most comprehensive set of licenses available on a single appliance powerful enough to run at the core of your network.


The new Firebox series is one of the highest performing UTM solutions on the market. This allows customers to deploy full security without affecting network speeds, thus avoiding the need to compromise security to fit within speed or budget resources. The latest generation of hardware and firmware delivers groundbreaking throughput and support for an unprecedented number of concurrent connections, placing WatchGuard well ahead of the competiton for price / performance.

Customers utilising WatchGuard gateway licences no longer need to compromise on features or peformance.  The security services delivered include full versions of the leading security engines in every category.



Monitoring and Control

Dimension command image

WatchGuard Dimension is included free of charge with all Firebox appliances and delivers simple visibility to network security without the associated pricetag. The solution is a cloud-ready visibility and reporting tool that instantly identifies threats and network issues, increasing security by accelerating the ability to deploy new policies.

Dimension Command, an additional option for WatchGuard Dimension, takes security administration to another level by allowing the direct creation and deployment of rules from its intuitive reporting interface.




Just some of the Security Modules:


APT Blocker Logo

APT Blocker

Advanced Persistent Threats morph to avoid traditional gateway filtering techniques. APT Blocker negates this risk by sending dubious files to the cloud for analysis.

Network Discovery Logo

Network Discovery

This new license creates a visual map of your network allowing you to take the first critical step in security your network by policing physical devices connected to your services.

WebBlocker Icon


Whether accidental or intentional, finding yourself somewhere you shouldn't be on the web is easy. WebBlocker uses Websense's categories and ratings, enabling powerful web content monitoring and control.

spamblocker icon


Spam is old news but a continuing issue, increased in recent years by the proliferation of phshing. Your WatchGuard UTM appliance can filter your mail for unwanted messages delivering a highly cost effective method of spam prevention.

gateway antivirus icon

Gateway AntiVirus

Scanning for full versions of leading vendors virus signature sets as traffic passes into your network, without seriously impacting performance sounds too good to be true. Not with WatchGuard's Gateway AntiVirus run on their powerful Fireware framework.

application control icon

Application Control

Controlling your network and resources has become a balancing act between the desire to not stifle or limit use of new technologies and the requirement to maintain productivity. Application Control allows complete granular control over all leading applications enabling you to strike the right balance.

Intrusion Prevention Icon

Intrusion Prevention

A must have for most company networks, Intrusion Prevention reduces the zero-day threat of application exploits; buying time for Network Administrators to deploy patches to servers and clients.

Dimension Command

Dimension Command

WatchGuard Dimension reporting is included with all UTM devices and delivers a live view of network traffic and users. Dimension Command builds on this, allowing administrators to create rules and policies 'on the fly' as they use Dimension, without the need to log into System Manager to make changes.

Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention

The value of most businesses is now in its data; whether in customer lists and databases or confidential information and IP. DLP allows administrators to block content containing specified information from leaving the network.

VPN Services Icon

VPN Services

WatchGuard UTM devices include comprehensive VPN facilities including the ability to connect to your device using IPSec or SSL VPN clients as well as creating permanent tunnels to other sites or customers. This removes the need to run VPN services behind the firewall, thus also increasing security.

Fireware Icon

Fireware PRO

All WatchGuard devices run Fireware PRO.  This mature software or web based GUI interface delivers a host of network and security functionality. Firewalls from the UTM family are best suited to run at the core of your network: monitoring, reporting, and controlling data.