UTM Firewalls

WatchGuard deliver one of the industry's highest-performing UTM appliances with one of the most diverse range of security features available on the market.

WatchGuard UTM security modules include Intrusion Prevention, Application Control, WebBlocker, Network Discovery, DLP, APT Blocker and many more.

Provided on hardware that allows complex network and traffic control, these features are delivered via the fast and flexible Fireware platform. This allows for the delivery of full versions of leading security engines without sacrificing performance.

WatchGuard Firewall appliances feature exceptional security, delivered throughout the family which includes appliances ranging from the T15, delivering dynamic security for the home/small office, to the M5600, allowing fully secure multi-gigabit throughput for many thousands of users.

Delivering WatchGuard's comprehensive security to offices for 50-60 users.
From £378.39 + vat
Suitable for the most demanding small to medium sized businesses and corporate datacentres.
From £816.13 + vat
The fastest Firebox appliances ever! For distributed businesses or corporate head offices.
From £6,031.94 + vat