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The security of your network is only as good as the configuration of your firewall

The switch to remote working, varying staff levels, dependence on cloud usage and increased use of bring your own devices, all potentially impact the integrity of your network.  

At a time when cyber security threats are at an all time high, it's never been more important to ensure your appliance is protecting your network, correctly configured and operating to its full potential.


NetThreat HealthCheck Service

Book a 2 hour remote session with one of our fully qualified and experienced engineers:

  • Experience dating from the first generation of WatchGuard to the very latest Beta testing
  • Fully certified WatchGuard Technical Masters
  • Professional advice from our friendly experts

TZ Series appliance HealthCheck from just £100 plus VAT
M Series appliance HealthCheck from Just £150 plus VAT

We will ensure your appliance is operating efficiently and offer advice, based on your unique setup, to ensure your entire network is protected. 


Should I consider a HealthCheck?

There are many reasons why you should consider a HealthCheck.  Have you:

  • Self-deployed your unit?
  • Applied vendor patches or security updates?
  • Enabled remote worker access for your network?
  • Adapted your internal policies or added new services and devices to your network?
  • Moved to or added cloud services?

We recommend your appliance is checked to ensure its working efficiently, at optimal performance, providing you with the highest level of security. 


How do I arrange a HealthCheck?

It's simple, call us on 0121 270 1800 and our friendly team will arrange a convenient date and time for your HealthCheck.

Afterwards, you'll receive a Health Status Report and the opportunity to chat through any issues or concerns with our expert.  Be confident in your network security and call us today. 

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