Wireless Security

WiFi has become an essential ingredient for almost all business networks whether catering for internal mobile devices, their own mobile devices or allowing guests to connect at your site.

With this adoption of technology comes a variety of increased pressures on the IT department including, but not limited to, additional security risk, a requirement for additional knowledge / expertise and (particularly with visitors) additional pressure on network resources.

WatchGuard's WiFi solutions deliver excellent wireless connectivity without compromising network security by coupling advanced hardware, flexible and powerful security and ease of management through a single portal.

The Range comprises of wireless UTM appliances, distributed access points that can be controlled by your WatchGuard unit and access points that can be managed through the cloud, if you're looking to deliver wireless in a reliable and secure manner, there is likely to be a solution for you in red!

WatchGuard's NEW Access Points deliver fast Wi-Fi 6 connections and secure WPA3 encryption.
From £261.79 + vat
<p>WatchGuard's Access Points enable complete wireless functionality with, or without a firewall device:</p><br> - Comprehensive guest WiFi<br> - Onboard UTM security<br> - Cloud based management<br> - Full visitor analytics<br> <br> <p>Wi-Fi 5 access points deliver leading wireless functionality and are managed by Wi-Fi Cloud management platform.</p>
From POA + vat

Delivering WatchGuard's comprehensive security with integrated wireless for 40+ users.

- Dynamic and secure WiFi
- Simple Configuration
- Real-time Visibility

Secure your wireless networks, boost performance and use diverse security in small and home offices.

From £519.84 + vat
<p>Delivering WatchGuard's comprehensive security to offices up to 40 users featuring:</p><br> - Simple Configuration<br> - Real-time Visibility<br> - Up to 1.2Gbps Firewall<br> - Diverse VPN services<br> <br> <p>Maintain performance while utilising the most diverse security functionality in small and home offices.<p>
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