Does your firewall need a spring clean?


You think that your appliance is configured to fight off the latest threats, but is it as efficient as it should be - are there gaps in your security armoury? 

Any firewall is only as secure as its configuration... isn't it time you gave yours a spring clean?

NetThreat Solutions are designed to deliver a cost-effective way of ensuring and maintaining your security while you get on with your ‘proper job’!  Our HealthCheck engineers can check your configuration and provide advice on suitable changes to ensure your appliance is working at its most efficient.

With experience going back to the first generation of WatchGuard Firebox and WatchGuard trained engineers in our team, you can rely on us to ensure your appliance operates to its full potential.

HealthCheck is ideal for:

  • Ensuring self-install appliances have been deployed correctly
  • Appliances with old / lapsed configurations that have been in place for some time
  • Annual configuration and compliance checks

Pricing starts from just £100 plus VAT.

Choose your appliance type below and checkout and we will do the rest.


NetThreat HealthCheck

   WatchGuard HealthCheck Service T Series                           £100.00 + vat



   WatchGuard HealthCheck Service M Series                          £150.00 + vat

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