Firebox footprint now offset for life


For over 15 years we have been one of the leading IT security resellers in the UK.

We believe the secret to building a successful business is the ability to maintain and build mutually beneficial relationships with all our contacts; customers, resellers, distributors and vendors.

We care about what we do and how we do it and the impact this has on our environment.   A year ago we were on a mission to be a carbon-neutral company and since that time we've realised, we can do even better as well as share our journey with our customers.

We have now committed to offset the carbon footprint of every firewall we sell from any of our vendors for the entirety of its useful life.


How does it work?

We have calculated the carbon footprint of each of our WatchGuard Firebox products.  When you purchase a new Firebox directly from us at WatchGuard Online we will make a payment to offset the working carbon footprint of the appliance for its useful lifetime.

We have selected some of the UK's leading carbon offset companies to partner with, who in turn invest our payment into climate-positive outcomes, both here in the UK and internationally.


Working with our vendors

We are also lobbying our distributors and vendors to make similar changes for a brighter future for us all and our planet.   We are climate positive.


Jon Rayment, NetThreat Founder talks about the "carbon challenge",

"It is now not possible to be unaware of the climate crisis and mass extinction that our planet faces, it is also clear that the responsibility for the crisis is collective and so should be its response. At NetThreat we believe there is now no excuse for not taking action to immediately stop adding to the problem and actually start making up for what we have done.

I am proud that NetThreat is leading the way in this most important of areas, in IT we have a lot to answer for. I would strongly encourage our partners and customers to look at what they can be doing, you will be surprised at what changes can be made and how you can turn a negative story into a positive one. We’d be happy to chat with anyone who wants to hear about our experiences.”


Call us for more information on 0845 270 7744 and find out more.

Make your new firebox, a positive purchase for the planet.

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