The cost of insecure password strategies


Statistics show that inadequate password policies leading to leaked passwords result in 61% of all cyber attacks of businesses of less than 1,000 employees.

Worrying statistics, especially given the fact that according to a Verison Data Breach Investigation Report, over 70% of employees admit to reusing their passwords in the office.

Of course, very few employees set out to deliberately cause security issues, but the more systems in use the more likely issues arise.  This security is not helped by the fact that 50% of companies fail to engage their staff and implement safe codes of practice and password policies.

It's often the smallest businesses that are most affected by budget so it's vital to find a cost-effective and easy to deploy a system that can be rolled out quickly and simply for non-technical staff.

If you think MFA solutions are cost-prohibitive for small business, difficult to set up and maintain and time-consuming to roll out it's time to find out more about Authpoint from WatchGuard.

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