New Solution for Today's Rugged Environments


Operations based businesses share the same security requirements as traditional office setups, but with additional challenges that harsher conditions bring.  Dust, moisture and changes in temperature are everyday hazards in manufacturing, oil and gas industries, agriculture and many other rugged locations.

These sectors need the same level of security and performance to protect their networks and businesses against malware, intrusions and other modern-day threats.

The Firebox T35-R appliance is fully dust and splash-proof and capable of operating in temperatures between  -40 to +60 degrees Celsius without the need or expense of a customised protective enclosure.

With simple configuration and deployment, the T35-R:

  • Makes site-to-site VPN connectivity simple
  • allows administrators to enable advances security protections; APT Blocker, Threat Detection and Response, DNSWatch, IPS and Gateway AntiVirus without affecting networking speeds

The WatchGuard T35-R offers a perfect stand-alone option for smaller to medium-sized businesses and also for larger organisations that need an easy to use, unified threat management solution for remote workers and branch locations.  In summary, the T35-R:

  • Built to withstand harsh conditions
  • Zero-Touch remote deployment
  • Easy to manage, use and understand
  • Provides layered security for industrial use cases

These appliances have a small footprint and are cost-effective for smaller businesses and if you purchase from us directly we guarantee to offset the carbon footprint of your appliance for the entirety of its useful life!

Why WatchGuard?

Earlier this year WatchGuard received a recommended rating from NSS Labs' Next-Generation Firewall Test for the third year running, being just one of two vendors to achieve the zero-evasion benchmark.

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