Unknown and Zero-Day Threats


 WatchGuard AV with Added Benefits


Signature-based Antivirus (AV) solutions protect your network from vendor-known threats.  But what about unknown and zero-day threats?

94% of the cyber attacks over the last month originated from unknown or zero-day sources.  If you rely on signature-based AV solutions, it's time to consider an adaptive defence solution.


AV with Added Benefits

WatchGuard's suite of endpoint solutions go beyond signature-based AV to STOP malware, ransomware and threats from unknown, zero-day vulnerabilities.  With affordable, flexible options to suit your business and budget.


Protect your network.  Switch to a defensive solution.

Around 70% of businesses run signature-based AV solutions, creating huge vulnerabilities for cyber criminals to exploit.  Swapping out or upgrading your endpoint solution may be easier and more affordable than you think.  It's time to explore a better solution for your network.


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