WatchGuard M Series

WatchGuard M Series

Featuring the NEW M270, M370, M470, M570 and M670 appliances, the WatchGuard M series delivers comprehensive security with outstanding performance.

Capable of delivering the Total Suite of UTM Services from WatchGuard including APT Blocker, TDR, GAV, IPS, WebBlocker, Dimension and much more, at speeds of up to 5.4Gbps, the M Series should be considered by any business needing to maximise performance without sacrificing security.

From £609.45 + vat
    • WatchGuard M270

      Perfect for growing SME networks
      - 1.6Gbps full security- 2m Concurrent Connections
      - 4.9Gbps Firewall- 75 IPSec VPN and SSL-VPN clients
      Suitable for networks of 75 users


    • WatchGuard M370

      Perfect for growing SME networks
      - 2.6Gbps full security- Over 3m Concurrent Connections
      - 8.0Gbps Firewall- 100 IPSec VPN and SSL-VPN clients
      Suitable for networks of 150 users


    • WatchGuard M470

      Perfect for demanding SME networks
      - 3.1Gbps UTM security- 3.8m Concurrent Connections
      - 19.6Gbps Firewall- 250 IPSec VPN and SSL-VPN clients
      Suitable for networks of up to 300-500 users


    • WatchGuard M570

      The power your demanding network requires
      - 4.4Gbps UTM security- 8.3m Concurrent Connections
      - 26.6Gbps Firewall- 500 IPSec VPN and SSL-VPN clients
      Suitable for mid sized networks and distributed businesses


    • WatchGuard M670

      Ideal for datacentre and at the core of distributed networks
      - 5.4Gbps UTM security- 8.5m Concurrent Connections
      - 34Gbps Firewall- 750 IPSec VPN and SSL-VPN clients
      Blistering performance and comprehensive security


    • Gateway Options

      • Branch Office VPN

        Branch Office VPN

        All WatchGuard UTM devices come with licenses for Branch Office VPN, allowing the connection of your site, to another, via IPSec VPN. Creation of a secure VPN allows controlled access to a remote location without the need for client software.
        All Firebox appliances come with multiple Branch Office licences, this number cannot be increased.

    • Platform Features

      • Dimension Reporting

        Dimension Reporting

        WatchGuard Dimension brings visibility of the data from your Firebox appliance with reporting tools that instantly identify key security issues. The solution is simple to deploy and understand and comes with all new UTM appliances.
        Dimension Reporting is included in all devices, Dimension Command is available as an additional option.

      • System Manager

        System Manager

        WatchGuard UTM devices can be managed through their web interface, the new dimension command service and WatchGuard System Manager. This option enables download of a software based management tool to allow management of multiple units and offline / scheduled configuration updates.

      • High Availability

        High Availability

        Deploy a secondary unit to run as a backup to your primary device, this appliance monitors the health and replicated settings from your main unit and takes over provision of service should it fail.
        All UTM devices (other than the SOHO) are capable of High Availability, a secondary unit can be purchased for a reduced rate, licenses are replicated from the primary device.

    • Security Services

      • Gateway AntiVirus

        Gateway AntiVirus

        Content from authorised and unauthorised connections enters your network bearing viruses. The spamBlocker gateway license scans all traffic passing through the gateway for the full enterprise AVG signature set.
        GAV is a subscription service and is included in the Basic and Total Security Suite.

      • Content Filtering

        Content Filtering

        Intentional or otherwise access to inappropriate content by users on your network can, at the least cause productivity issues. WebBlocker content filtering utilises Websense website categories and ratings to deliver comprehensive control to administrators.
        WebBlocker is a subscription service and is included in the Basic and Total Security Suite.

      • Anti-Spam


        spamBlocker blocks nearly 100% of unwanted emails at the gateway. The solution delivers immediate protection from spam outbreaks as they emerge across both POP and SMTP with granular control over how messages are processed.
        spamBlocker is a subscription service and is included in the Basic and Total Security Suite.

      • Reputation Enabled Defense

        Reputation Enabled Defense

        Reputation scanning of a URL happens before your box does any AV scanning, if the URL's reputation is bad, the connection is dropped immediately. Likewise if the reputation is good, no AV scanning is necessary, allowing your UTM to focus on more 'risky' content.
        Reptuation Enabled Defense is a subscription service and is includes in the Basic and Total Security Suite.

      • Data Loss Prevention

        Data Loss Prevention

        WatchGuard Data Loss Prevention prevents loss of data by scanning files and text for sensitive information. A pre-defined library of rules allows simple deployment and compliance for PCI DSS and HIPAA.
        DLP is a subscription service available separately or as part of the Total Security Suite.

      • APT Blocker

        APT Blocker

        APT Blocker combats the rise in sophisticated attacks that evade signature based systems and result in the loss of data or money. Suspicious content detected at the gateway is sent to the cloud to be run in a sandbox which exposes malware.
        APT Blocker is a subscription service available separately or as part of the Total Security Suite.

      • Network Discovery

        Network Discovery

        A critical part of securing your network is being aware of what devices are connected and where. Network Discovery maps your environment, revealing unknown and insecure devices with instant knowledge of connected devices, operating systems, ports and protocols being used.
        Network Discovery is a separate subscription service not available as part of a Security Suite.

      • Mobile Device Control

        Mobile Device Control

        FireClient delivers by giving administrators control over the types of mobile devices connecting to their network. Client is deployed on the users iOS or Android device then policies can be enforced, mobile OS levels checked and jailbroken devices blocked.
        FireClient is a subscription service purchased on a per client licence.

      • Dimension Command

        Dimension Command

        Building on the reporting and visualisation of Dimension Reporting, Command gives you the power to create policies immediately from the Dimension dashboard. Block users, Configure VPN, Restore settings and more.
        Dimension Command is a subscription service available separately or as part of the Total Security Suite.

      • Threat Detection and Response

        Threat Detection and Response

        TDR delivers holistic security by combining information from endpoint and gateway devices to detect security breaches and deliver immediate deployment of threat prevention. Included in the Total Security Suite TDR is an additional component to anti-virus software delivering effective protection against ransomware and other sophisticated attacks.

    • VPN Services

      • IPSec VPN Client

        IPSec VPN Client

        WatchGuard Mobile VPN allows remote devices to connect into the network using traditional VPN Client software. All new appliances come with full Mobile VPN licenses, clients for older units are available on a per user licence.
        VPN Clients are a one-off purchase of an upgrade and do not need renewing.

      • SSL-VPN Client

        SSL-VPN Client

        WatchGuard SSL-VPN allows a diverse range of mobile devices to connect into the UTM device without the need for pre-installation of client software. All new appliances come with full SSL-VPN client licences.

    • Security Suite Services

      • Application Control

        Application Control

        Simplify network management with an insight into the applications being used on your network and simple enforcement of policies. Application Control delivers the tools needed to manage proveleged and bandwidth for applications, users, groups and devices.
        Application Control is included in the GAV / IPS license and all Security Suites.

      • Intrusion Prevention

        Intrusion Prevention

        Cybercriminals are constantly looking for way to exploit vulnerabilities in software making patching essential to maintain security. Intrusion Prevention stops zero-day exploits by blocking these intrusions until patching is completed.
        Intrusion Prevention is included in the GAV / IPS / Application Control licence or as part of any Security Suite

      • DNSWatch


        WatchGuard DNSWatch protects those who find themselves on the losing end of a phishing email. It detects malicious DNS requests and blocks access to these sites, redirecting the user to a safe page that reinforces the risks and warning signs of a phishing attack.

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    Comparative features and statistics of the WatchGuard M Series. Click the  to remove a unit and select from the list on the right to add another.


    Firewall Throughput8.0Gbps19.6Gbps26.6Gbps34Gbps4.9Gbps
    UTM Throughput2.6Gbps3.1Gbps4.4Gbps5.4Gbps1.6Gbps
    IPS Throughput4.8Gbps5.7Gbps8.0Gbps10.4Gbps2.3Gbps
    AV Throughput3Gbps3.5Gbps5.4Gbps6.2Gbps2.1Gbps
    IMIX ThroughputN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
    VPN Throughput4.6Gbps5.2Gbps5.8Gbps7.6Gbps1.6Gbps
    Concurrent SPI Connections3,300,0003,800,0008,300,0008,500,0002,000,000
    New Connections per SecondN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
    SSL Inspection / DecryptionN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A


    1GbE Ports88888
    PoE Ports00000
    High Availability (Active/Passive)YESYESYESYESYES
    Active/Active High AvailabilityYESYESYESYESYES
    Desktop UnitNONONONONO


    Authenticated Users500UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited500
    Onboard WirelessNONONONONO
    Dual Band Wireless - - - - -
    Simultaneous Dual Band - - - - -
    802.11a/b/g/nWith APWith APWith APWith APWith AP
    802.11acWith APWith APWith APWith APWith AP
    Access Points Supported - - - - -
    Host Sensors15020025025060


    Site-to-Site VPN Connections10025050075050
    Mobile IPSec VPN Included10025050075075
    Mobile IPSec VPN Maximum10025050075075
    Mobile L2TP VPN Included10025050075075
    Mobile L2TP VPN Maximum10025050075075
    Mobile SSL VPN Included10025050075075
    Mobile SSL VPN Maximum10025050075075