WatchGuard Access Points

WatchGuard Access Points

WatchGuard's Access Point range allows you to deliver a comprehensive, flexible internal and guest wireless without compromising security.

Delivering some of the most advanced WiFi services available on the market including Wireless IPS, RF optimisation and guest analytics with multiple units managed through your WatchGuard firewall and / or the cloud. The solution allows network administrators to save money by avoiding a separate wireless controller without sacrificing any of the functionality delivered by high end wireless solutions.

From £267.30 + vat
    • WatchGuard AP120

      WiFi services for office and public locations.
      - WiFi of 850+Mbps- Support for 802.11ac
      - Flexible guest portal options- Enterprise-Grade Wireless IPS
      Highly capable appliance for demanding small networks.


    • WatchGuard AP125

      Reliable, and affordable access point.
      - WiFi of 867 Mbps- 2x2:2 MU-MIMO technology
      - Flexible guest portal options- Enterprise-Grade Wireless IPS
      WiFi for small and remote offices.


    • WatchGuard AP322

      Delivers broad, fast, and reliable Wi-Fi.
      - WiFi up to 1.3Mbps- IP67-compliant exterior
      - Flexible guest portal options- Enterprise-Grade Wireless IPS
      Brings WiFi to outside environments such as stadiums.


    • WatchGuard AP325

      Cost-effective fast and secure Wi-Fi access.
      - WiFi up to 867Mbps- Quick activation time
      - Flexible guest portal options- 2x2:2 MU-MIMO technology
      802.11 Wave 2 technology that meets your budget needs.


    • WatchGuard AP420

      Super fast wireless for demanding deployments.
      - WiFi up to 1.7Mbps- Quick activation time
      - Flexible guest portal options- Multi-user MIMO technology
      Connects a crowded room full of devices simultaneously.


    • Platform Features

      • WiFi Intrusion Prevention

        WiFi Intrusion Prevention

        WatchGuard WIPS is an enterprise-grade solution that defends your wireless zone from unauthorised devices, man-in-the-middle attacks, rogue APs and much more. This can be extended by adding the security of running your device behind a Firebox device scanning all traffic.

      • WiFi Scalable Management

        WiFi Scalable Management

        Management of WatchGuard's WiFi solution can be through your gateway Firebox device or in the cloud. Cloud deployment allows estates to scale from one to an unlimited number of devices across multiple locations.

      • WiFi High Performance

        WiFi High Performance

        Not only do WatchGuard WiFi solutions incorporate the latest 802.11ac standards delivering up to 1.3Gbps they also come with RP Optimisation, spectrum monitoring and built in trouble-shooting delivering bulletproof security and reliability.

      • WiFi Flexible Deployment

        WiFi Flexible Deployment

        Three deployment options are available for WatchGuard APs. Wireless can be extended to your LAN by deployment behind a Firebox delivering control and security, Cloud based management delivers flexible deployment, WIPS and analytics. Or devices can be deployed combining both, delivering ultimate WiFi services and security.

      • WiFi Go Mobile App

        WiFi Go Mobile App

        Manage your wireless solution via your mobile device using the Go Mobile Web App. Standard features enable simple deployment of spash pages and custom portals.

      • WiFi RESTful API

        WiFi RESTful API

        WatchGuard's WiFi Cloud service is built upon RESTful APIs to handle massive distributed wireless deployments.

      • WiFi Captive Portal

        WiFi Captive Portal

        Deployment of guest WiFi can increase revenue and customer loyalty by the use of custom portals for access, videos, polls and surveys and then monitor their responses.

      • WiFi Social Media

        WiFi Social Media

        Allow users to authenticate with social media gaining an insight into the nature of your visitors and their behavior.

      • WiFi Engagement and Analytics

        WiFi Engagement and Analytics

        Gain insight into your customers with comprehensive analytic tools delivering information on gender, age, buying behavior, customer location, footfall and much more. Reports allow administrators to view gathered user data across time and location groups.

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    Comparative features and statistics of the WatchGuard Access Points. Click the  to remove a unit and select from the list on the right to add another.


    Number of Radios22332
    Frequency Bands2.4Ghz, 5Ghz concurrent2.4Ghz, 5Ghz concurrent2.4GHz and 5GHz concurrent2.4GHz and 5GHz concurrent2.4Ghz, 5Ghz concurrent
    Antennas6 internal, omnidirectional4 internal, omnidirectional6 internal, omnidirectional10 internal, omnidirectional6 internal, omnidirectional
    TX/RX Streams3x3 MIMO Three Spatial Streams2x2 MIMO Dual Spatial Streams3x3 MIMO Three Spatial Streams4x4 MU-MIMO Four Spatial Streams2x2 MU-MIMO
    Maximum Data Rate acUp to 1.3 Gbps for 11ac (Wave 1)Up to 866 Mbps for 11ac (Wave 1)Up to 1.3 Gbps for 11ac (Wave 1)Up to 1.7 Gbps for 11ac (Wave 2)Up to 867 Mbps for 11ac (Wave 2)
    Maximum Data Rate nUp to 450 Mbps for 11nUp to 300 Mbps for 11nUp to 450 Mbps for 11nUp to 800 Mbps for 11nUp to 300 Mbps for 11n
    Max SSIDs per Radio88888
    Ethernet2x1 Gb1x1 Gb2x1 Gb2x1 Gb2x1 Gb
    PoE802.3af/at802.3af/at802.3at POE+802.3at POE+802.3af PoE
    A/C AdapterOptionalOptionalN/AN/AOptional
    PoE InjectorOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
    Mounting OptionsWall/CeilingWall/CeilingVertical wall or poleWall/CeilingWall/Ceiling